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Bottom Feeding Paper Rewinding Machine , High Speed Roll Rewinding Machine

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Bottom Feeding Paper Rewinding Machine , High Speed Roll Rewinding Machine

Bottom Feeding Paper Rewinding Machine , High Speed Roll Rewinding Machine
Bottom Feeding Paper Rewinding Machine , High Speed Roll Rewinding Machine Bottom Feeding Paper Rewinding Machine , High Speed Roll Rewinding Machine Bottom Feeding Paper Rewinding Machine , High Speed Roll Rewinding Machine Bottom Feeding Paper Rewinding Machine , High Speed Roll Rewinding Machine

Large Image :  Bottom Feeding Paper Rewinding Machine , High Speed Roll Rewinding Machine

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: YUXING
Model Number: 1880mm

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: standard export package
Delivery Time: 30 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Detailed Product Description
Paper Feeding Way: Bottom Feeding Product Name: Paper Rewinding Machine
Application: Kraft Paper/liner Paper Gsm: 90-300g/m2
Condition: New Machine Type: 1880mm
High Light:

re reeling machine


paper rewinding machine

1880mm high speed frame type bottom feeding paper rewinding machine


1. why do we use paper rewinding machine ?

The quality of the paper rolled by the winding machine is not high, and most of them have broken ends, and the width does not meet the requirements of the printing machine, cannot be directly processed or printed etc., Therefore, The paper roll is reprocessed in the rewinder. Paper mills usually use rewinding machine to screen the paper quality, adjust the paper width, and re-stick the broken ends to improve the quality of the paper roll and allow it to be reprocessed. Usually the rewinding machine is placed next to the paper machine, so that the rolls of the paper reel can be directly mounted on the paper rewinding rack by using a crane.

Divided into upper paper rewinding machine and lower paper rewinding machine


2. what is the bottom feeding paper rewinding machine ?

frame type high-speed down feeding paper rewinding machine is mainly composed of a frame, a supporting roller, a slitting section (upper knife device, bottom knife device), a paper lifting device, a paper core device, a paper pushing device, and a paper discharging device , Ejection rack, main drive, brake, reducer, hydraulic station, motor and operation console

1: supporting roller device:

It is mainly composed of driving roller and paper holding roller. The driving roller is driven by the motor through the reducer, and drives other mechanical parts to work.

2: Frame:

The device is mainly composed of a front pillar, a rear pillar, and a beam. The structure is reasonable, and has good rigidity and high strength. The rack is equipped with guide rails, and the paper cutting lifting device, the roll paper top core and the supporting plate can slide up and down along the guide rails.

3: Roll paper top tightening device:

The top core of the rolled paper is installed on the supporting plate, and slides along the guide rail with the supporting plate, and the two are balanced by the balance block in the rear column. The top core of the roll paper is composed of a hand wheel, a screw rod, a nut, an inner shaft sleeve, a ratchet, and a bolt. Pull up the latch and turn the handwheel to achieve the expansion and contraction of the top core; drop the latch to lock the top core and achieve the positioning of the top core.

4: Slitting device:

The device consists of a lower round knife device, an upper round knife device, an upper round knife beam, a lower round knife shaft, a paper holding roller and the like.

The upper round knife device is composed of a cross beam, an air cylinder, a knife seat, a round knife, a linear guide, etc., and is fixed on the upper knife cross beam by a T-shaped groove. When adjusting the position of the upper round knife, loosen the nut and drag the slide guide to move laterally. When adjusting the bite amount of the upper and lower knifes, loosen the square-head nut and move the upper round knife up and down to adjust. After adjusting, tighten the nut. The lifting and lowering actions of the upper round knife are controlled by the air cylinder, as long as the control longitudinal cutting and knife feeding valve on the control box panel is set to the "up" or "down" position.

The upper circular beam is a channel steel welded structure to support the pneumatic knife. It is installed on the rear pillar of the rack, and two sides are respectively equipped with adjustment devices, which can be adjusted vertically on the pillar as a whole. The pneumatic knife controls the rising and falling of the knife through the panel pneumatic valve, which is convenient to operate, improve efficiency and increase safety factor.

There is a paper guide roller at the front and back of the lower circular knife, so that the paper web can be on the same plane.

5: paper Press roller device:

The role of the press roller is to maintain the load of the paper roll and the support roller area, and is composed of a platen roller and a slide seat. The roll surface is a seamless steel roll with hard chrome plating. The parallelism of the platen roller and the support roller can be adjusted by turning the hand wheel. The platen roller is connected to the oil cylinder installed in the post cavity of the frame through a sleeve roller chain and a set of movable pulley mechanism. The pressure applied by the platen roller to the paper roller can be adjusted.

6: paper rack device

The device is composed of a paper rack and an adjustable frame. The base paper roll rolled down from the paper roll is placed in a bearing seat. The base paper roll can be adjusted to an ideal working position through the adjustable paper rack. The braking part is composed of pneumatic brake control. Keep the eject rollers at a constant torque. During the rewinding process, the precision pressure regulating valve is used to pneumatically rotate the button to change the size of the torque and control the tension of the original paper roll.

7: Hydraulic device

The hydraulic device sends hydraulic oil from the hydraulic station through the console to the pressure holding or lifting mechanism of the bottom knife roller and the paper pushing mechanism.

8: Transmission

In this device, the main motor transmits power to the support roller through the reduction gear box, and a single-shaft type reduction gear box is selected.

9: Paper pushing roller device:

The paper pushing roller device is installed above the rear sides of the two front pillars, and is composed of two oil cylinders, a power arm support seat and the like. The pushing arm rotates around the support base to achieve the function of pushing paper. After the rewinding cycle is completed, as long as the paper push air valve on the control panel is set to the “push” position, the oil cylinder pushes the paper push roller around the fulcrum to push the paper roll.

10: Unloading table device:

The paper unloading device is composed of a paper unloading table, an oil cylinder and a bearing seat. The unloading table is a steel welded structure. When the finished paper is rolled up, the unloading table is “lifted” from the operation table, and the paper roll is pushed into the unloading table by the paper pushing device. Press the button to make the paper roll unload slowly. The unloading speed is adjusted by the throttle valve, that is, the "up" and "down" of the paper receiving table are controlled on the electrical operation table.

11: Arc roller device:

This model has a set of 150 curved rollers. It is installed before the bottom roller device, so that the cut paper can be separated at the slit.

12: Fan device:

The fan is used to break the paper edge and send it to the water pulper. The machine is equipped with a fan. The air pipe is installed under the slitter. The maximum conveying distance of the fan is not more than 45 meters.

13: Pneumatic and hydraulic systems

Pneumatic and hydraulic systems are controlled by air control box and hydraulic station through console to control each cylinder, oil cylinder and pneumatic brake.

14: operation console

The console controls the operation of the main motor, the cylinders of the hydraulic system, and the actions of the air control system cylinders.


3. Basic information we need to know about a customized paper rewinding machine

1: Net paper width?

2: Paper grammage?

3.what kind of paper to produce ?

4: Maximum diameter of base paper roll?

5: Maximum diameter of finished paper roll ?

6: Left hand machine or right hand machine layout ? 

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